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Anal Lubes

Climax Bursts Anal Lube - 4 oz.
Tight Anal And Vaginal Tightening Water-Based Lube - 1 oz.
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Personal lubricant is a must-have for anal sex, because the area doesn’t create its own juices (in either men or women). At Spencer’s, we carry various anal lubes to make the experience the sexy, intimate one it should be, without even a hint of discomfort.
Anal lubricants tend to be thicker because the rectal tissue is delicate. They are designed to help you use items like butt plugs or have anal intercourse or enjoy manual stimulation. Contrary to what some may think, anal sex can be just as hot and pleasurable for both parties as any other type of erotic activity. The key is making sure everyone is comfortable, relaxed and prepared, which is why Spencers delivers the best anal lube options.
Even with the right lubricant, you still want to go slowly and ease your way from inserting smaller objects to larger ones (always with a flared base so it can’t get lost), checking in with the person on the receiving end to see how they’re doing. If you’re also in the market for anal sex toys that are specifically designed to bring maximum pleasure to your bottom, we have plenty of those as well. Products such as Hott Love Extreme Sex and Anal Lube are safe for use with latex condoms.
Whether you’re an old pro at anal or are gearing up to try it for the first time, an anal lube will make every moment even better. Slip it under your lover’s pillow or simply place it alongside your preferred butt plug or anal vibrator to show them what you’re in the mood to do tonight.