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Bride Robe and Slip Set
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Black Lace Kimono Robe
Online Only

Despite what you may have seen on TV, a robe doesn’t have to be made of terry cloth and fall to your ankles. At Spencer’s, we see robes as a sexy addition to any lingerie collection. The right robe gives you the ability to play hide and seek with your underthings, indulging in a fun game of peek-a-boo, with your hot bod as the prize, to be revealed at just the right moment.
Our selection of robes for women ranges from pop culture cuteness such as a Wonder Woman or Gryffindor Harry Potter robe to see-through black lace or a sheer white eyelace robe with matching G-string, and also includes plus size robes.
Instead of covering up your body, our robes fall at or just below the waist, showing off your legs and letting you feel hot as can be while covering up whatever’s underneath, whether that’s a risqué bra or nothing at all.
Our silk and satin robes can be tied at the waste or left open for some strategic viewing, no “wardrobe malfunction” required. These robes are easy to slip on and off, whether to head to the kitchen for a midnight snack after a bedtime romp or for something sensual to wear right after a relaxing bubble bath.
If you’re celebrating your wedding night or on your honeymoon, Spencer’s carries several white bridal robes to help you enjoy the best day of your life. Hosting a bachelorette party? Get your bridesmaids a pink robe while you don white as you play fun games and relax on your last night as a single lady.