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Double Dildos

A double sided dildo, true to its name, lets you have double the fun and sexual adventure. Why? Because it’s longer than a regular dildo, and features two penis-like attachments on either side, and is mainly used for either two partners to enjoy simultaneously or for a woman to enjoy double penetration. Spencer’s has double ended dildos in different colors, textures and sizes for all your sex needs.
If you’re looking to have hot girl-on-girl sex, a double dildo can be a fun way to experience penetration, with one end going inside one woman’s vagina, and the other in the other woman’s (you will likely want some water based lube to help ease the sex toy inside). What’s unique about this dual action toy is that when each end is inserted, if one woman moves, the other will feel the sensation as the dildo shifts inside her, and vice versa. A woman can also use one side of it for vaginal or anal penetration on herself and use the other end on a male partner who wants to enjoy anal sex, making it a unique kind of couples sex toy.
A double sided dildo can also be used with a harness for strap on sex; the woman can insert one end into her vagina, while the other is used with the harness for anal or vaginal sex with a partner. It’s a win/win because the wearer can get off and get their partner off at the same time!
Another option if you’re a woman looking for the sensation of double penetration is to guide one end of the double dildo into her anus and one into her vagina, again using a water based lubricant for maximum sexual pleasure and comfort. This can be a fun masturbation experience or a hot way to show off for a lover, who can help use the two dildo ends on her, or let her take the reins and perhaps multitask by performing oral sex while she’s getting busy down below.
In other words: double sided dildos are versatile! There are various ways you can play with them, and they can be incorporated with other types of sex toys, like clitoral vibrators, for even more erotic enjoyment. If you’re looking to spice up your bedroom repertoire and try something new, or surprise a partner on date night, consider one of these fun sex toys and get ready to experiment.