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Bob Marley Lighter
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What’s even better than lighting up that cigarette you’ve been anticipating for hours? Doing so with a cool lighter that immediately puts a smile on your face before you take the first puff. Spencer’s has the most fun lighters around! These are the kind that will have everyone wanting to ask you for a light the next time you spark one up because they’re admiring your Bob Marley lighter.
We all know a smoke break isn’t just a smoke break; it’s a chance to clear your mind and chat with other smokers, communing over your shared bond. You don’t ever want to be stuck without a way to light your cigarette or cigar, so carrying a cool lighter with you ensures that you’ll always be ready, whether you’re stepping out of class or the office or on the road. Rather than having to bum a smoke or a light, you can be the one that people turn to in awe over how put together and organized you are. But these fun lighters are both functional and allow you to express your personality. Whether you’re a new smoker or a longtime puffer, your lighter becomes as essential to you as your keys, part of your daily ritual.
We know you care about how you look, from your hat down to your shoes, and you deserve accessories that add to your style. If you’re the type into the dark side, you may want to whip out our Love Bites Vampire Lighter. Just as the way you smoke can signal kind of personality you have, so can your lighter, so why not show off your fun side?