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Dad Hats

Cat Face Dad Hat
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Chuckie Rugrats Dad Hat
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Logo MTV Dad Hat
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Whatever your fashion sense, one thing you should know is that dad hats are in—and no, you don’t have to have kids to rock one! These curved brim baseball caps, the kind that go with any outfit from jeans to fancier gear, are beloved by celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Rihanna, Drake and others. They can help you make a statement while also keeping you cool (not to mention making you look effortlessly cool). They get their name because dad hats are like the ones you remember your father wearing back in the day, but the modern version Spencer’s sells is a little more fashion forward with styles you’ll love no matter your age. They’re low-key and fun, whether sporting a favorite food, beverage or band, snarky saying or announcing your relationship status (like “single AF”).

A dad hat isn’t fussy, it’s simple, because that’s how dads tend to like them. They’re the perfect attire to complement any look, from a sports jacket to a sundress. Both men and women love dad hats, and Spencer’s carries them in a wide variety of colors and designs, so you can wear one indoors or outdoors that looks fabulous with your outfit. Generally one solid color with a phrase, image or logo on the front, these hats can showcase your personality or simply add a quirky twist while keeping your hair out of your face.  From aliens and unicorns to a Wu-Tang Clan dad hat and other pop culture shoutouts and far beyond, this fun headgear is just what you need to jazz up your wardrobe in any season.