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Christmas Gifts Under $50

NASA Bomber Jacket
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Bob's Burgers Sweatshirt
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Bugs Bunny Watch - Looney Tunes

Take out your wallet; do you see the picture of Ulysses S. Grant on your fifty dollar bill? Well we are both sure he doesn’t want you to waste him on some lame Christmas gift and that’s why Spencer’s has a great variety of Gifts under $50! Blast some of that wonderful Christmas music with any of our many Bluetooth speakers that come with and make the holidays groovy! Want more cool gifts under $50? Let the games begin with our fun board games like Monopoly and more! These holiday gift ideas will keep your family and friends in a jolly good mood. When you know the season of giving is right around the corner, don’t wait until the last minute, do your shopping at Spencer’s and find Christmas gifts under $50!