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Gifts Under $100

Stormtrooper Star Wars Toaster
Online Only
Online Only
Super LED Dome Light Plus - 7 Inch
Mini Laser Light With Bluetooth
Galaxy Laser Light

Now I know what you’re thinking, a one-hundred dollar gift for someone, are you crazy? Hear us out though, these aren’t your average gifts, here at Spencer’s we have some pretty amazing things as gifts for under $100 that are very well worth it! For starters, we have a large selection of bean bag chairs that come in a pretty crazy variety of styles, for example, a hamburger, shoes, and even a giant slice of pizza. We also carry a bunch of pretty epic sweaters and hoodies that are coated (pun intended) in your favorite characters and designs. Want to get that Christmas party started or just looking to add some life to your entertainment system? We have some pretty sick tower speakers that will not only blast your music, but will shine out LED lights! So now that we had this talk, I think we can both agree that if you’re going to drop a full Ben Franklin, your best bet is to use it here at Spencer’s!