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Political Accessories

Finally Someone With Balls Trump Magnet
Trump 2016 Bumper Sticker
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Obama Toilet Paper
Political Democrat Glasses
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It doesn’t have to be an election year for you to show off your love of your favorite party or candidate with Spencer’s political accessories! Whether you were a poli sci major or are simply obsessed with the goings on in the White House, we’ve got all your red, white and blue looks that can go with a costume or simply be part of your everyday gear. Democrat, Republican, independent or anything else, you have strong opinions and love to debate, laugh and obsess over the goings on in Washington, DC, so you can now decorate your home so it’s crystal clear who you support.
Stock up your bathroom with Trump Face Toilet Paper so everyone who uses it knows your feelings. If politics makes you laugh, we’ve got plenty of humorous political items that make wonderful gifts for yourself or friends and family. Or go in the other direction and have the President giving everyone the finger with the Donald Trump bobble doll with a special message for his opponent.
If you’re all about the stars and stripes and love America so much you just can’t get enough of our patriotic colors, you’ll want to dress up in our American Beauty Adult Women’s Dress with its shiny blue background, white stars and red and white stripes. You’ll be pure Americana in a look that can work as a costume or a party outfit, and no, you don’t have to wait until July 4th to put it on!
Paying attention to politics has become a national pastime, so it’s only fitting that you don’t want to just respond to your TV screen but broadcast your political ideas far and wide. Whether you love or hate Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, you can broadcast your views in a way that’s so amusing you just might get your friends on the other side of the aisle to chuckle.