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Blue Dragon Mask
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Smeared Mask

Want to be ready for Halloween or a costume party fun at a moment’s notice? Get a Spencer’s mask and you’re all set to be the funniest person in the room. If you’re a Star Wars fan, you don’t want to miss the Chewbacca Voice Mask, one of our many pop culture inspired options. Embody your favorite wookie instantly.

The cool thing about these funny masks is that they can complete a costume as the perfect final touch, taking you from ha-ha humor to sidesplittingly hilarious, or they may be worn on their own, which can sometimes be even more humorous. Imagine walking into the office one day in a Godzilla mask, just because you’re the type who loves to make your coworkers jump in alarm? Or what about a giant shnoz? Don’t be afraid to flaunt your sense of humor; everyone loves a good laugh!

If you’re all about marijuana, you can show off your 420 love with a weed half mask.

We all want the chance to transform ourselves on occasion, and a mask lets you do that in a way that even your closest friends and family may not recognize you. Think of all the fun you can have as they try to figure out who you are.

At Spencer’s we’ve got all kinds of masks, from elaborate ones that cover your whole head so you can go all out and get fully into the holiday spirit, to ones that you can easily slip over your head and freak people out. Another great thing about masks? You don’t have to worry about makeup; just put it on and you’re good to go. Make sure you get some snacks first so you can keep your disguise on for as long as possible before you get hungry again.