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Bachelorette Gifts

Bachelorette Jumbo Goblet
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Bachelorette Wine Glass
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Bride Wine Glass
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Bride Hat
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Treat your ladies to a special surprise after they helped you ring in the last few days of being single with the best Bachelorette Party Favors! Offer them the chance to perfect their oral play with some teeth covers and Peckermints or be playful with the novelty grow a pecker gift. They can enjoy various penis shaped candy since they threw you the Bachelorette Party of your dreams. Just make sure they provided you with drinking games and a bachelorette sash before handing out any favors. No bride can walk down the aisle to her groom without her bridal party by her side, so make sure to thank them with all of these thank you prizes from their Bachelorette Party Gifts from Spencer Gifts!