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Spencer’s Rocks!

Yea, Spencer Gifts…you know them from the mall and who doesn’t love a lava light or a funny fart machine? Back in the good old days when a whoopee cushion meant lots of laughs, you could count on Spencer Gifts as your go-to source for pranks, bachelor party favors and gag gifts. Spencer Gifts at the mall seems to have been around forever, but it actually started as a mail order catalog. According to Steven Silverstein Spencer Gifts CEO, Spencer’s made its way to the mall pretty much when malls first started - the first Spencer Gifts store opened in the Cherry Hill Mall in Cherry Hill, NJ in 1963 – now that’s ancient history!

Flash forward more than 40 years - Spencer Gifts is called Spencer’s, and while they’re still in the mall, it’s a whole new world. Steven Silverstein Spencer’s CEO says Spencer’s is way more than gag gifts, indeed, according to Steven Silverstein Spencer’s rocks, literally. Rock, Goth, techno, metal and related genre music paraphernalia such as rock and roll clothing, band merchandise and posters abound, made even more awesome under an amazing array of blacklights, fog machines and lights shows. The energy in a Spencer’s store is electrifying, but you can still count on Spencer’s for funny gags like the shocking lighter and shocking pen, new twists on classic prank gifts. Shocked at what you might be missing out on? Check out a Spencer’s store or Spencersonline.com to seek what’s happened at Spencer Gifts in the last forty-plus years!

While we wouldn’t really want to trust anyone over 40, Steven Silverstein at SpencerGifts says that Spencer’s is more than rock & roll, and that’s no joke. Bachelor parties, graduations, sweet sixteen’s and just turned twenty-one are some classic occasions where Spencer’s has it covered, and you can get the party goods to make it right. Get the party started at Spencer’s and count on good times, as well as looking good! Spencer’s has an amazing array of t-shirts, from funny t-shirts to hilarious, along with a personalized t-shirt program called the Design-A-Tee Studio that let’s you create your own t-shirt for any and every event, from family reunion to celebrating best friends forever. Finish it off with an outstanding selection of fashion and body jewelry and you are good to go! Spencer’s has it covered.

Spencer’s is also a top home décor source for tweens, teens and the college crowd,  offering room décor, lighting, posters and more. From twelve turning twenty-one to the twenty-somethings, Spencer’s has what’s hip and happening for all ages. Go Goth with fantasy and horror figures, discover a full range of The Nightmare Before Christmas merchandise, kick back with MMA & UFC goods and create your own Playboy mansion with products to decorate and celebrate what’s cool. Express yourself at Spencer’s and surround yourself in Spencer’s style. Steven Silverstein Spencer’s CEO says styles and trends are constantly monitored and interpreted by the pros at Spencer’s to capture exactly what’s hot at just the right moment, and that new products and cool stuff arrives every day at Spencer’s, so you’d better check it out! Visit www.spencersonline.com today because Spencer’s rocks!