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Product Information: Pole Dancing
Professionals do it and so can you. Pole dance and party like the pros when you invest in yourself and a dance pole. Yes, it's just you and the pole, but it's also a state of mind, body and music. When you practice pole dancing on a Carmen Electra dance pole, you experience and express a new dimension of your self. Exercise and express yourself in this sensual new art form that affords an amazing work-out on both the body and the mind. Whittle away fat, reduce tension, increase flexibility and build muscle definition on a dance pole and sculpt your mind and your sexual identity in the process.

Pole dance parties have become the rage in suburban neighborhoods while in metropolitan areas there are actually pole dance classes at selected fitness centers. Now you can pole dance in the privacy of your own home with a professional quality Carmen Electra pole dance kit – it even includes an instructional DVD to teach you all the right moves. Seeking something new in the boudoir? Step up to a pole dance kit and select a new fantasy every time you mount the pole. Awaken desires and satisfy cravings you never knew existed – experience pole dancing and do it like a pro. Get professional pole dance kits and the Carmen Electra dance pole at Spencer's and start dancing!