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Product Information: Lava Lamp Support
Q: How do I remove cloudiness and get normal flow?
A: Sometimes due to transit you may occasionally receive a cloudy lava lamp. If your lava lamp arrives cloudy, turn the lamp on until the wax breaks up 6-8 hours and as soon as it begins, shut the lamp off again until it cools. Run the lamp in these "bursts" 7-8 times until the not result in a clear lamp. Cloudy globes are NOT considered defective. Although no two Lava Lamps will look the same, the Lava design will produce a characteristic flow. The charts below demonstrate a varietyof flows.
Q: How do I properly take care of my lava lamp?
A: The following tips will ensure that your lava lamp has a long and healthy life.
  • Have the lava lamp at room temperature before starting.
  • Operate the lava lamp on a flat and stationary surface.
  • Allow the lava lamp to warm up for four to six hours to ensure it operates at its optimal level.
  • Optima lava flow is achieved after 5 or 6 uses.
  • Colors brighten after every use
  • Keep from constant movement; avoid shaking
Q: I have a lava lamp, but can't find a replacement bulb. The bulb says 120v30w, can you help?
A: Unfortunately, we no longer carry the 120v30w replacement light bulb; in order to replace the bulb, you will need to go to a 25w replacement light bulb that is recommended by our manufacturer.