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Product Information: Fart Machines
They often say he who smelt it, dealt it – there may be some truth to the old adage, but who cares! Crack them up with amazing fart-filled sound effects – arm yourself with high-tech equipment such as a remote control fart machine or the hilarious Fart-o-Nator Fart Machine and break wind mercilessly. You say YOU don't need a fart machine? You can cut one on command and you give "pull my finger" a whole new meaning? Enough hot air - stand back, because no one and nothing can keep pace with a gassy, burpy, altogether grossly funny fart machine from Spencer's.

Get behind it and let it rip - the flatulence and farty fun never ends when you party, prank, joke and toot with a professional quality fart machine. Generate sound effects heretofore unheard of, breaking wind like thunderclaps and relentlessly cutting the cheese as the party cut-up. Frat boys delight to the funny fart antics they pull. Pass gas and blow away the whoopee cushion - graduate to the next generation of sophomoric fun – get a fart machine today!