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Body Jewelry

The ancient practice of wearing body jewelry has become increasingly popular over the last decade. That popularity has meant that those who want to get pierced with body jewelry have a much wider range of options in terms of types of stones, designs and colors, allowing you to bling yourself out however you like. Whether you prefer to rock a sexy belly button ring that your crop top artfully shows off, tease a nipple ring beneath a tank top or rock an eyebrow ring, barbell, labret or tragus (or have piercings that you only display to very special people), Spencer’s has all your body jewelry needs covered.

Whether you’re getting your first piercing or body modification or have dozens of them ranging from your head down, you want your jewelry to reflect your personality, to make you stand out. It’s intimate and special; after all, it’s the ultimate fashion statement, and is part of you for as long as you’d like it to be. Your body jewelry should be something you absolutely love, that makes you happy every time you see or think about it, not just something you put up with because it was “close enough” to your true style.

If you’re a nipple piercing fan, as celebrities like Kendall Jenner and Rihanna are, we’ve got a wide range of barbells, rings and shields so you can decorate your nubs with everything from hearts to horseshoes along with many other designs. If you prefer stretched piercings, we have plenty of plugs and tunnels you can select.

Whether you’re looking for the perfect nose ring, a dermal piercing, spirals and pinchers, organic plugs or want some fake body jewelry because you haven’t quite taken the plunge but want to get the look (or create the perfect costume), we’ve got lots of options.

Check out Spencer’s body jewelry guide to find out more about how each of them works and what sizes we carry as well as healing times and care instructions take a look at our body jewelry guide.