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You Don't Know Sh*t

Item# 02408623

It’s part of all of our lives. But how much do you really know about poop, scat, sh*t, excrement? From the historical to the scientific, the cultural to the gross, You Don’t Know Sh*t packs a load of solid details into one tidy volume: --how great civilizations have pooped through the ages --why some poop floats and other poop sinks --the final word on whether people have individual brands of bathroom smells --what your sh*t (and sh*tting style) says about you --how astronauts poop in space --a complete glossary of terms and euphemisms for man’s most fundamental function --fun facts about everything from the first flush, the famous Thomas Crapper, and the differences in bathroom basics around the world --a cloud’s worth of facts about farts, too. Hardcover: 224 pages

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