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Spooky Bottle Stickers

$4.99 - In Stock Item# 01001478
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Transform ordinary soda bottles into magical elixirs, beer bottles into truth serum, and water bottles into embalming fluid. It's easy and fun to be the coolest bartender when you put a costume on your bottle! Spooky bottle stickers transform everyday bottles with fun labels. Get the party started with spider venom!  
  • Transfers ordinary bottles into creepy concoctions!
  • Includes 8 labels (2 each of 4 different styles)
    • Truth Serum
    • Sulfur Elixir
    • Red Blood
    • Liquid Phantom
  • Step One:
    • Use any bottle. Buy a pack of spooky bottle stickers
  • Step Two:
    • Pick a spooky bottle sticker and apply it over the old label
  • Step Three:
    • Show up at the party with the coolest beverage selection!


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