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Scarecrow Appliance Kit

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Scare more than just crows with this terrifying Reel F/X scarecrow makeup kit. This Halloween makeup consists of high-end, film quality, pre-painted latex prosthetics with easy-to -follow application instructions. With "feathered edges" for a realistic look, this kit literally shapes facial features into those of a living, crazy, stitched up Scarecrow! Some rags and a straw hat will complete the gruesome look.

  • Reel FX make up and appliance kit
  • Kit Includes:
    • Pre-painted latex prosthetic
    • Spirit Gum Adhesive (0.25 fl oz)
    • Spirit Gum Remover (0.25 fl oz)
    • Instruction booklet and Makeup suggestions
  • Makeup not included
  • Optional items to complete look:
    • Grease makeup to blend
    • Liquid Latex to apply over edge of appliance
    • Powder to "set" look once complete
    • Theatrical Hair
    • Black Tooth Makeup
  • As with any cosmetic, always test a small portion on inside of wrist for 30 minutes for sensitivity

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