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Pecker Ice Luge

Item# 02315760
Ever wish that something cold, refreshing and tasty came out of a penis? The Pecker Ice Luge grants that wish and more. Not only can you enjoy your favorite shots straight out of the Pecker Ice Luge, but you'll surprise and wow your bachelorette on her biggest night out. Make a professional (but naughty) Penis Ice Luge easily, right in your own freezer. The Pecker ice Luge's easy mold and tubing system makes forming your own penis luge convenient and easy. Just pour water into the mold and freeze. New on the Bachelorette Party scene is the Pecker Ice Luge! It's sure to make some memories that you may or may not want to forget. :) Each Pecker Ice luge is roughly 14" tall.

Sold Out.

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