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Over the Hill Crying Towel

Item# 02563716

We know why you're here. Your friend or someone in your family is about to get REALLY old. You've probably noticed that your Over the Hill friend has graying hairs, or that their crow's feet are becoming considerably deeper. Sure, your friend may put on a brave face about getting old, but let's get real. We all know that late at night, in the privacy of their own homes ... they're crying. They're shedding buckets of tears. They're scared crapless of their own mortality and the looming idea of adult incontinence. Help an elderly coot out with the Over the Hill Crying Towel. Now every time Gramps has a sobbing spell, he can soak up his tears with this extra-absorbent towel. The Over the Hill Crying Towel is an excellent gag gift. It measures 11 by 16 inches, for those really big tears. It says, "Over the Hill Crying Towel" and shows the image of an empty rocking chair.

Sold Out.

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