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Mikey the Mother F**kin' Monkey

Item# 02504603
Mikey is an adorable plush doll with a foul mouth. He says 15 hilarious phrases. Phrases include: "Wanna Tug on my Banana?", "Show Me Your Tits!", "I'm a monkey and I swing from trees, would ya blow me if I said Please?", "Nice melons, let me show you my banana!", "Baby, I'm hung like a gorilla!", "Bitch, don't make me get primitive up in here!", "Kiss my monkey balls!", "You just pushed my belly, now wipe my ass!", "How about we head back to my tree and I'll show you my favorite stick!", "Kiss me or I'll throw monkey shit all over you!" "Is that a banana in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?", "Shut up and blow me!", "Fuck you douchebag!", "Ever bang a monkey, want to?", "Monkey see and monkey do, I want to pee and shit on you!"

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