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  • Life Size Hannah Harper Blow-Up Doll
  • Life Size Hannah Harper Blow-Up Doll

Life Size Hannah Harper Blow-Up Doll

$199.99 - In Stock Item# 07440928
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Get your rocks off with this life size Hannah Harper doll. Super soft removable pussy and ass allows you to have a blast in the bedroom whenever you want. The doll looks and feels like the real thing for a super hot experience.

  • H x W x D: 60" x 19" x 11"
  • Materials: Silicone (Head, Hands, Breasts & Feet), TPR, Fanta Flesh (Vagina, Ass), Polyester (Hair)
  • Hypo-allergenic/Latex free
  • Phthalate free
  • Removable vagina and ass
  • Safe for use with water-based lubricant
  • Care to clean the Fanta Flesh (vagina & ass): Remove it and clean separately from the doll. Rinse the Fanta Flesh in warm water, then scrub with toy cleaner both internally and externally using your hands or a soft cloth. Rinse with warm water, then pat dry with a lint-free cloth. Sprinkle internally and externally with Refresh Powde to dry excess moisture and help maintain the material's softness.    
  • Care to clean the doll, rinse with warm water, then gently scrub with toy cleaner using your hands or a soft cloth. Avoid using rough cloths or sponges, as this could damage the material. After scrubbing, rinse again with warm water. Pat dry with a lint-free towel
  • Arrives in discreet packaging
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    Arrives in discreet packaging
    Note: Some toys may absorb a subtle scent during production. To dissipate, clean with toy cleaner before first-time use.
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  • Storage instructions: Deflate the doll, then carefully fold it before loosely wrapping it in a lint-free cloth. Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight, like a trunk or closet. Avoid sharp objects. Repair punctures promptly using the included repair kit and instruction sheet. Ensure the puncture is clean and dry for an airtight seal. Avoid lubes and lotions in the hair to avoid damage and tangling.
  • How to Inflate: Do not over inflate.  To avoid over-inflation, do not use an electric compressor. Instead, use a manual pump to blow the doll up to 90% capacity. Let it rest for ten minutes so the air can evenly distribute within the doll before inflating completely. The less air inside the doll, the less strain will be placed on it during use.