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Her Sweet Spot

Item# 02287035
Touch her. Taste her. See and hear her. Breathe her in. Discover your ever-evolving sensual potential with Her Sweet Spot, a fearless and sexy bedroom guide for women who love women. Featuring 101 ways to please and delight her, dip in to find ideas for every mood, preference, and proclivity—from outrageous to tender to straight-up carnal. Leaving no erogenous zone unexplored, this daring book inspires and entices lovers to surprise, thrill, and fulfill each other: Want to invite a “third party” to your party? Turn to chapter 34: Threefold. Have an appetite for seduction? Flip to chapters 22: Epicurious and 38: Slurpee Peaches. Curious about knocking boots with her? See chapter 91: Keep Those Shoes On. Or skip the preliminaries and turn to chapter 98: Bottoms Up. Other chapters on toys, positions, and fantasy encounters, to name a few, offer fresh and provocative ways to expand your repertoire of sensual skillsets. Indulge your imagination with 101 sexy ways to make your world a sweeter, more intoxicating place. It’s a promise of pleasure. Excerpt introduction Her Sweet Spot is a testament to the wonder and the beauty of women, desire, and pleasure. It’s a pastiche of female sexuality at its most real and fantastic, offering a pathway to a deeper understanding of a woman’s unique sensual potential. There are so many ways for lovers to discover and enhance their capacities for pleasure. Within these pages are 101 ideas to indulge your imagination and inspire and entice you to explore. It’s my hope that you find this lushly illustrated book to be a fresh, entertaining, and compelling guide that exudes her sensuality on every page. Pleasure is derived from thoughts, actions, and experiences. Each woman enjoys various pleasures uniquely and to different degrees throughout her life. What she desires, and when and how, also constantly changes—and ideally, evolves. Even the most confident and worldly woman needs to be reminded that there’s always a new

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