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  • Healing Stones Kit - 8 oz.
  • Healing Stones Kit - 8 oz.

Healing Stones Kit - 8 oz.

$12.99 - In Stock Item# 03157336

Bring on the good vibes with this set of beautiful healing stones! The package includes 12 stones to balance and revitalize energy from the Rose Quartz to promote love and confidence to the Amethyst to promote peace and remove all negative energies. The kit includes a drawstring bag for easy storage as well as a handy cheat sheet to let you know what each stone does. You're sure to enjoy this set of gorgeous stones!

  • Includes:
    • Amethyst - Promotes peace and removes negative energy.
    • Aventurine - Good luck and money. Gets rid of sad emotions.
    • Sodalite - Good for creativity and deep thinking.
    • Agate - Increases Energy and relieves fatigue.
    • Crystal Quartz - Good for meditation and diseases.
    • Rose Quartz - Brings love and confidence.
    • Tiger Eye - Good for traveling, brings energy.
    • Obsidian - Provides protection and balance, good fortune and prosperity.
    • Orange Calcite - Balances emotions, removes fear.
    • Unakite - Promotes self-awareness and self-love.
    • Dalmatian Jasper - Encourages family loyalties unity and strength.
    •  Hematite - Promotes courage, and strength.
  • Weight: 8 oz.
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