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Cosmos 365 Naughty Nights

Item# 02206282
Get ready for a full year of the best sex ever with the latest offering from Cosmopolitan. This sexy game gives couples 365 ideas for turning up the heat in the bedroom and the living room and the car and on the kitchen counter…and, well pretty much anywhere. Players take turns pulling tickets, which roll out of the box to reveal a naughty task, such as: o Put on an exercise DVD and do it together naked. o Flip a coin. Heads, do it in the bedroom. Tails, on the floor in the kitchen. Flip it again. Heads, you're on top. Tails, he's on top. And one more time. Heads, lights on. Tails, lights off. o Undress each other and kiss or caress every body part as it comes into view. o Some tickets refer the players to a page number in the enclosed booklet, where they'll find sex positions, fantasy cards, and sexy scenes to read aloud to each other. That's one whole year of hot sex, with a new (and very naughty) carnal challenge to try every night. Paperback: 48 pages

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