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  • Brown Paper Lunch Bag
  • Brown Paper Lunch Bag
  • Brown Paper Lunch Bag

Brown Paper Lunch Bag

Item# 02610061
Brown Paper Lunch Bag references the time honored American tradition of taking your lunch to work in a paper bag - we thought we'd update this iconic object and give it a modern twist. Brown Paper Lunch Bag is made from that tear-proof, leak resistant, tough and insulating material Tyvek which means that unlike the paper ones, it won't split in the rain or let its contents fall out of the bottom. Plus, it has a sturdy double magnet at the entrance so that once your goodies are inside you can fold it down so its shut tight and won't lose any heat - obviously it works the same the other way round so your fruit juice stays nice n chilled. Oh and just as a little aside, Brown Paper Bag can be personalized should you desire to doodle on it.
  • Reusable bag
  • Wipes clean
  • Writeable and non-tearable

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