Bop Obama Punching Bag
Bop Obama Punching Bag
$19.99 USD
The Bop Obama Punching Bag can sure take a punch, but watch out because it jumps right back up with a vengeance! Hone your boxing skills with a 54" tall and 17.5" diameter inflatable punching bag that is plastered with the taunting image of Barack Obama ready for 12 round showdown! Made from extra thick vinyl, this Barack Obama Inflatable punching bag can be used for a quick workout or a target for you to take out your political frustrations! Either reason is fine. Just know that when you hit this punching bag, it will bounce back up so stay on guard! Inflate the Bop Obama, fill the pillow in the base with water or sand, and get ready to rumble!
Item# 02437457

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