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Black Light in Stereo

Item# 07123755
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Can You Imagine taking your MP3/MP4 Player and placing it into your new digital stereo sound system? Can You Imagine – because of the over 4 foot length – hearing your music the way it was intended to be heard (with full stereo separation)? Can You Imagine turning your room into a Black Light party room? Can You Imagine having 3 modes of Black Light special effects such as STEADY ON, STROBING or MUSIC RESPONSIVE (or turn the black light completely off)? We did! For the first time, hear your music the way it was meant to be heard – not with speakers seated close together, but rather in true stereo – with over 4 foot speaker span so you can hear the true separation of the music. Combine your music with a special effects light show and watch what happens, truly a great combination. •Enjoy all your Favorite Music from your MP3/MP4 Player •Full Digital Stereo Sound •Built-in Adjustable MP3/MP4 Cradle •Volume Control •On/Off Black Light Control •Strobing Black Light Mode (with Speed Control) •Black Light Music Responsive Mode •Looks great Sitting on Furniture or Hanging on a Wall “iPhone” and “iPod” are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. This product is not sponsored by Apple Inc. MP3/MP4 player not included.

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