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'Compromising Positions' Game

Item# 02377786
This imaginative game for adults is The Game Of Compromising Positions, and it's perfect for naughty couples who like to laugh and have fun during foreplay and sex. Included in the box is a game mat measuring 6ft by 4ft that you lay on any flat surface, like a bed or a rug, and then you use the two large markers and the big foam die to navigate around the board. Each panel on the game board features a different activity. For example, if you land on "Lips to Any Cheek", you press your lips to your partners cheek while they roll the dice, and if they land on "neck to neck", they have to arrange their body so their neck is against yours, without you removing your lips from their cheek, and so on all around the board. The first one to the end gets to choose the position for sex - and what better prize is there than that?

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