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ABOUT Party Lighting

Light up the night at Spencer’s  – black lights, disco balls, neons, plasmas and more – the spotlight is on fun we have it all! Get bright ideas for unique gifts for everyone along with great ideas and cool stuff for your room - treat yourself!

Get the party started with the awesome blacklights! The celebration never ends when you add a disco or laser lights to create a hypnotic display on any surface – and everyone wants a piece of the plasma sphere that reacts to human touch! Trick out your bedroom, living room, den, basement or garage with a party lighting from Spencer’s. 

Make your dorm room décor rock with beer lamps and bubbler lights – bring it on! Take it on the road with a car black light, walk on the wild side with dragon lamps, and dance ‘til you drop with a disco ball. Discover cheap and cool neon lamps at Spencer’s.