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When you’re thinking Spencer’s, you’re probably thinking oh, yea - that store at the mall with the blacklights, posters, lava lamps and fart machines – and you’d be right, sort of. You might even think of Spencer’s as party-central, and it’s absolutely all that, but so much more. We have great gifts for guys, cute gifts for girls and amazing gifts for pretty much anyone on your gift list. Spencer Gifts is the home of all things funny, current, cool and surprisingly cheap. Forget the same-old, same-old boring gift certificate in a tasteful envelope and get creative. Our gift ideas will just blow you away. If you need a gift that’s right on and stands out from the ordinary, Spencer’s is your go-to place for gifts.

Some gifts have to be trendy, especially for teens and tweens – they know what’s hot and they so know what’s not! Don’t be a dud – get a trendy teen gift at Spencer’s and get high fives for being cool. Spencer’s is on top of the trends and totally gets what teens want, from funny and funky apparel like t-shirts, hoodies and loungewear to trendy jewelry, hats, music-themed paraphernalia, décor and more. Twilight, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Alice in Wonderland – get all the hottest movies on all sorts of cool stuff and get great gifts – go Goth or go home!

Seeking sporty stuff as a gift for him? Get in on the hottest sport in town – beer pong! Spencer’s is the epicenter of the beer pong epidemic, the place to get drinking games, Beer Pong gifts, accessories and equipment- everything you need for the ultimate competition. A beer pong gift is unique, useful and decidedly different, but if he’s more into spectator sports, nothing beats Mixed Martial Arts memorabilia. Spencer’s is the source for TapouT t-shirts, hats, hoodies, belts and more. Don’t get caught with your shorts down – check out the incredible selection of Ultimate Fighting Championship gifts for a gift that will knock him out.

Him or her, everyone knows the perfect gift is one you made yourself. The Design-A-Tee Studio at Spencer’s makes you a virtual Picasso – you actually create your own wearable work of art. Give a gift to be remembered – it’s so easy to create a custom t-shirt you can cover everyone on your gift list. Upload a favorite picture, anything from a beloved pet to a naughty date pic, family photo or amazing sports shot, or choose from the incredible selection of images available. Add graphics, dates and words to personalize down to the letter exactly what you want to say, and say it with style. The Design-A-Tee Studio has a great selection of cool tops with the largest printable area out there so you’ve got plenty of room to work – express yourself with a custom t-shirt gift to be worn and treasured forever.

Get the party started with a fun and functional party gift - Spencer’s has way cool lighting stuff for your fave DJ guy or grand master party gal. Blacklights are only the beginning – dazzle the lucky gift recipient with a fog machine, plasma lights, strobes, disco lights, laser lights or neon, or get all retro with classic lava light – the gift of light is a fun alternative to the ordinary housewarming or birthday gift. Get wired with cool gifts and party supplies from Spencer’s, and get known for giving great gifts.

Feeling funny about getting just the right gift? Laugh it up with a gag gift from Spencer’s! Crack up the crowd with a comical and funny gift and everyone gets a piece of the present. There’s a lot to laugh about at Spencer’s, from hysterical fart machines and shocking pens to hilarious practical jokes and risqué inflatable dolls – make the birthday boy or gal blush and then burst out laughing with a funny gift from Spencer’s.

When you need a gift for that very special someone, get down and dirty. Put on a personal show with a pole dance kit or get even more personal with some luv stuff – Spencer’s has an amazing array of adult vibrators, lotions, potions and pleasure solutions to ensure your gift hits the spot! Sex toys for men and women – everyone’s in on the fun with sex games and more from Spencer’s.

So what exactly is Spencer’s? Spencer’s is for gifts - Music, beer pong, blacklights, Playboy, Hustler, MMA, UFC, hats and tees - it’s all that, and more. Funny how there are some great gifts at your fingertips – who knew?! Guys & gals, now you know where to go for fun and unique gifts just right for everyone on your list. Get great gifts at Spencer’s!