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Pranksters, jokesters, comics and cut-ups know that when you want to be the life of the party, you gotta be funny. Being funny is not all fun and games – it’s serious stuff! When you seriously want to be funny, Spencersonline.com is your source for jokes, gag gifts, shocking games, prankster props, fakes, adult humor, toilet humor (fart machines) and practical jokes. Practically speaking, the guys at Spencer’s know funny – their job application probably said “Characters welcome”.

If pulling pranks is your specialty and practical joker is your moniker - Spencer’s is your funny place. Funny how when you want zany antics you need the gags to pull it off – from gag gifts like whoopee cushions, fart machines and shocking pens to favorites like the inflatable doll or cutting edge funny joke stuff, Spencer’s has the laughs!