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Sex Restraints & Handcuffs

Intro to S&M Kit
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Lace Collar and Leash
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S&M Adjustable Handcuffs
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Bondage Adventure Kit - 7 Piece
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There are dozens of BDSM sex toys you can use to tie up your partner, and at Spencer’s, we have all the bondage tape, sex restraints for wrists and ankles and everything else to get your kink on! There’s more to sex handcuffs than metal, depending on the type of bondage exploration you’re doing. We carry metal cuffs as well as everything from black or red furry handcuffs to leather handcuffs, bondage rope in a variety of colors and so much more.

We’ve got silky slash restraints that can be used to secure someone’s ankles or wrists as well as sex furniture like a bondage chair so they can enjoy the thrill of being tied down. Whatever type of naughty handcuffs or other bondage straps you select, you can savor the knowing that you are handing yourself over to your partner to enjoy your body while you are shackled. Part of the joy of bondage is that act of surrendering yourself and trusting that your partner will make being kinky as arousing as possible.

If you’re the dominant who’s in charge of using handcuffs for sex, there are many ways you can experiment with BDSM in the bedroom. Maybe you’ll tie your submissives hands behind their back and have them perform oral sex on you. They won’t be able to use their hands because they’ll be locked in place; it’s up to you whether you want to be lenient and let them out for a few moments or see how creative they can get while they’re bound. They’ll face a delicious dilemma that will likely make them incredibly aroused as they discover the excitement having your movements restricted in this way can produce.

Or maybe you’re normally a loud screamer, but your dominant has placed bondage tape across your mouth, so you can only make muffled moans while they apply nipple clamps, spank you with a paddle or perhaps run a vibrator along your most sensitive body parts. Bondage is a give and take, where the bottom offers themselves up to the top, surrendering their movement for the sake of the bliss of getting off on kinky sex. These handcuffs and restraints pair perfectly with other types of sex toys to up the ante and reinforce the sensation of being tied up, or can be used on their own.

At Spencer’s, we have everything you need to fully delight in all that bondage has to offer. An under the bed restraint kit can be tucked away from prying eyes (or is portable for your next naughty vacation), but can come out at night when its four cuffs and restraint straps can be used to turn your bedroom into a bondage playground.

If you’re interested in role-playing or simply adding to your dominant/submissive roles, consider a bondage collar and leash, so you know who’s truly in charge. More advanced kink lovers may be interested in a hogtie kit, web restraint system or a bondage bar to lock their partner’s legs or arms in exactly the right place for maximum enjoyment. Whether you’re a bondage newbie or longtime devotee, we’ve got the perfect kinky cuffs for you.