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Lava Lamps

40 Watt Incandescent Lava Lamp Replacement Light Bulb Pack

Give your next party a retro feel with a lava lamp from Spencer’s! You can harken back to the grooviest time in history as you light up your home with a giant lava lamp in an array of bold and exciting colors that are sure to make all your guests smile. The greatest thing about these beloved novelty lights are that your eyes can’t help but watch the movements that are being made as it hearts up and the wax does its special dance against the colored water. Prepare to be mesmerized! Spencer’s carries dozens of cool lava lamps so you can take your pick of your favorite colors and design. Watch as the delightful waves of color promise to elevate any room, dorm or play space. They are totally easy to use; just plug them in, flip the switch and let your own personal light show start. We've got any and all color combinations, shapes and sizes, from a blue lava lamp to mermaid and volcano lamp styles. Show some love for your favorite musician with a Rasta Bob Marley lava lamp with its classic green, yellow and red colors. If you prefer a vortex of sparkles, a glitter lava lamp we have is right for you! Get lost in our large selection of retro room décor and you’re sure to find a lava lamp that perfectly matches your personal style. Snag one for a gift or treat yourself to the ultimate chill out accessory as you watch the colors dance and find yourself relaxing more and more. But using one to bump up the party when you shut off the lights will have everyone ready to get groovy. Just one glace at the stunning visual fireworks and we promise you’ll go to a happy place. Don’t forget to grab some extra lava lamp bulbs and batteries so your party lighting décor never goes out. Whether you’re lighting up a new home or simply want to add some color, Spencer’s is all about the lava.