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Party Supplies

Purple Spider Web Goblet
Online Only
Ouija Planchette Cork Coaster 4 Pack - Hasbro
Ouija Planchette Metal Bottle Opener - Hasbro
Ouija Board Pillow - Hasbro
Ouija Board Table Cloth - Hasbro
Ouija Mug
Ouija Board Light Prayer Candle - Hasbro
LED Light Skull Chalk Sign
Skull Bone Goblet
Online Only
Hand Gelatin Mold
Online Only
Skull Goblet
Nightmare Before Christmas Doormat - The Nightmare Before Christmas
Skeleton Hand Goblet
Online Only
Shot in the Head Set
Online Only

Halloween only happens once a year, so you want to make sure your party is a blowout bash that’ll be buzzed about for months. Spencer’s has everything you need to turn every inch of your home into a creepy, spooky house of horrors that will make your guests laugh (and probably scream a few times too).
Our exclusive animatronics, ranging from a pop-up zombie toilet to a possessed baby, along with zombies, ghosts, a cocoon corpse and a six foot witch casting spells, among many other options, will help set the spine-chilling mood as they greet your friends. The inflatable coffin cooler, complete with skeleton, can sit in a corner or be a centerpiece. Creepy wall clings and door decorations create many opportunities to play fun tricks on your guests as they venture from room to room.
Every aspect of your Halloween shindig planning will be enhanced with our special party supplies, from drinking glasses to tablecloths to candy dishes. Serve drinks in appropriately eerie mugs; to really go the extra mile, add some skull and crossbone ice cubes. Set the stage for your own personal fright night with a hand or brain gelatin mold. Dim the lights but leave enough so you can see the Ouija Board as you get ready for a message from the great beyond.
So if you want to truly haunt your home, check out Spencer’s for all sorts of scary, gory goods that will guarantee a good time will be had by all.