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Anal Training Kits

If you’ve been fantasizing about anal sex and are ready to make your racy daydream a reality, you want a butt plug kit that lets you go at your own pace. It’s hard to know exactly how big an anal plug to start with, and many people graduate to larger sizes after starting out. So Spencer’s has anal training kits with multiple butt plugs in various sizes so you can take your time and discover all the ways anal play can enhance your sex life. This way you won’t feel overwhelmed if you try a toy that’s too large right off the bat.

These anal sex kits contain two to three anal plugs in similar shapes. With graduated sizes, you can start with the smallest butt plug, which is slimmer and shorter, and see how your body reacts. You always want to go slowly with any kind of anal toy and make sure you use a compatible anal lube to ensure easy insertion. Take your time and savor the experience. You can engage in other erotic activities while you’re wearing the plug, from oral sex to intercourse, or use other sex toys such as nipple clamps if you want to engage another part of your body. Both types of sensation may work in concert to enhance your arousal.

Anal sex should be as enjoyable as any other kind of sexual activity, but it may take a little more getting used to as you adjust to the thrill of these new sensations. Whether you’re training yourself so you can work up to taking your partner’s member or enjoying strap-on sex, or simply adapting to larger anal toys, going gradually is your smartest option. That’s why an anal trainer kit comes in handy; it takes the guesswork out of figuring out what size butt toy your anus can accommodate.