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Nickelodeon Costumes

Adult Chucky Costume - Rugrats
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Go old school Nickelodeon this Halloween with our selection of Nickelodeon costumes emerging from the '90s. Get your baby on with the adventurous Rugrats! Check out our Tommy Pickles costume or maybe even Chucky, Angelica, or our inflatable Reptar costume. If you are ready to scare up some fun, grab a Aaahh Real Monsters costume! We have Oblina and Krum which will be the perfect way to bring nostalgia to the Halloween party. Are you competitive? Check out our Double Dare costumes that will have people ready to compete against you on the table. Finally transform into the football head himself with our Hey Arnold costume. Think about your favorite 90's Nickelodeon show, now become it with our selection of Nickelodeon Halloween costumes.