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Ear Cuffs

Double Hoop Ear Cuff
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Stand out from any crowd when you rock these attention getting ear cuffs from Spencer’s. Let your jewelry highlight your style when you put on one of these ear ornaments, which curl around and cling to your earlobe, made popular in the 1990’s and now in style all over again. From a brass Mermaid Ear Cuff that will accentuate your edgy attitude to the top selling Beauty and the Beast Ear Cuff, these creative pieces look great for those with short hair or peeking out from a curtain of longer tresses.

Whether you’re a fashionista who has a huge jewelry collection and wants to try something new or someone who likes statement jewelry that draws the eye, these ear cuffs are perfect for everyday wear or to glam up an outfit for a special occasion. They’ll make your ears the focal point of your look as you shine in elf ear cuffs or sport the sun, moon and stars. You don’t even need to have your ears pierced since these cuffs are the slip-on type that anyone can wear.

When it comes to style, sometimes less is more, so rather than layers of jewelry, you can wear one amazing ear cuff that sets off the rest of your outfit, whether it’s a favorite t-shirt and your best jeans or a sexy dress. Showcase an asymmetrical haircut with a strategically placed ear cuff that will draw the eye exactly where you want it to go. If you’re into body jewelry, an ear cuff is a wonderful next step and will surely make lots of heads turn. This fashionable accessory is versatile and fun, perfect for the office or a night out at the club.