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Bachelorette Party Accessories

Willie Beads
Online Only
Light-Up Pecker Headband
'Pecker Party' Penis Whistle Necklace
6 oz Bachelorette Pecker Squirt Gun Pink
Bachelorette Party Spinner Button
Naughty Veil
Bachelorette Glitter Tiara
Online Only
Pecker Flower Bouquet
Online Only
Willie Eyeglasses
Online Only
Bachelorette Party Bead Necklaces - 3 Pack
Light-Up Pecker Lei
Bride to Be Glasses
Satin Bachelorette Sash Black
Online Only
Team Bride Ribbon Set
Bachelorette Drink Tags

If you’re looking for bachelorette party accessories that will make the ultimate ladies night all about memorable fun for the bride to be and her squad, Spencer’s has you covered. We’ve got everything the bridal party needs to celebrate in full, exciting color, like a Sparkle Bachelorette Tiara and or a Rainbow Light-Up Pecker Lei,  because a bachelorette party is no time for shrinking into the corner. It’s time to get loud and feisty and revel in all your glamour—and let everyone around you at the club, bar, or hotel know that your girl is getting married!

And penis bachelorette accessories…we can’t forget those! Whether you call it a pecker, a willie or any other name, your friend should be feted with at least one piece of over-the-top man part flair. After all, when else is she going to wear a Light-Up Pecker Headband or drape herself in Willie Bead necklaces? Whether she only puts it on for a few minutes or she’s bold enough to wear it all night long, you’ll make your bride to be pal laugh, along with the rest of your girl squad, which she surely needs after all the months of wedding planning. Even if you’re a serious, bookish type of woman, you still deserve to live it up in honor of your upcoming nuptials with your bridesmaids and BFFs and show off your wacky, silly side.

A bachelorette party is the culmination of both lifelong and newer friendships as you all prepare for this next step of her life. Maybe she’s the first of your friend group to get married, or is joining her pals in becoming a Mrs. This is all about girl talk, eating fun foods, playing bachelorette games and honoring those connections with the ladies who know and love the bride best. Spencer’s fun bachelorette party accessories make the day or evening a blast right from the start!