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Notebook Flask - 4 oz
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If 420 is your favorite time of day, you want your weed accessible and in as good condition as when you got it. If you are a true cannabis lover, you know that you have to keep it stored securely so that you can enjoy it properly. Experts agree that a glass container is the best way to keep your marijuana at its most potent. Maybe you have a roommate, or live with your parents, or don’t want random visitors to know exactly what you have stashed away in your special jar… well, you don’t have to reveal your secret unless you feel like sharing! Your stash container can look like it could hide anything, or it can proudly display your love for the bud in the Keep Blazing storage jar. If you’re the type who loves to wear weed t-shirts and lets everyone who meets you know how much you like a good toke, a pot leaf storage jar is the perfect way to keep your stash secure.

Whether you’re keeping your dope love incognito or are a proud smoker, you definitely want your strains to be the freshest they can be, because you will definitely notice the difference if they aren’t!