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Hoop Earrings

Hoop earrings are back, baby, and your ears better be ready! This 1990’s fashion trend is in style all over again, and Spencer’s has all types of hoop earrings so you can switch them up to match your outlook or outfit. In the mood for a classic big hoop? Go for it! Want to accessorize a chic party dress or your favorite t-shirt? Grab some gold-plated CZ huggie hoop earrings and add some extra bling to your look!

Hoop earrings don’t subtly hide along your earlobe, waiting to be noticed; they demand attention and will get you noticed by everyone you meet. They’re the perfect accessory for any kind of celebration or to simply add flair and are perfect for days you’re waiting your hair up. For some punk rock chic, put on a pair of gem spike hoop earrings, which give any outfit a fashionable edge. You can go big or opt for a huggie, a smaller hoop that hugs your ear more closely. You can stack a few hoops if you have more than one ear piercing, or rock one bold look.

Hoops look wonderful with any type of hairstyle, from short to long. You can even match them to your eyeshadow, for a metallic silver or gold look that pops. Some have charms like crosses or moons, while others sport designs that can help accentuate a dress or top. For instance, black lace cutout hoop earrings will look fabulous paired with your fave cutout dress. If you’re a jewelry lover, hoops are a great addition, whether you wear them all the time or just for special occasions. You’ll be bringing out people’s fashion nostalgia with this throwback look that’s totally on trend these days. Why not treat yourself to a special pair of hoop earrings to go with your hot new tee, tank or outfit? They’re a style of jewelry that will always be fashionable and attention getting!