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Multi-Pack Earrings

Why settle for one pair of earrings when you can have multiple jewelry options available any time you want? Spencer’s offers multi-pack earrings precisely for those who like to mix it up, whether that means sporting different studs in each ear or varying your ear adornments whenever the mood strikes you. There are many multi-packs to choose from based on your interests and personality. If you’re a spiritual nature type, check out our 9 pair hamsa hand feather earring pack, which is wonderful for those with multiple piercings or who want everything from stars to diamond shapes. These earring packs are perfect to take with you on your next vacation, so you have jewelry choices at your fingertips, rather than wearing the same pair over and over.

If you’re into stud earrings that add that little something extra to any look, but don’t want to commit to a single pair, or are looking for affordable jewelry you’ll adore, a multi-pack is a perfect alternative. Animal lovers will get to share their love of the natural world with elephant stud earrings that also come with a pretty sparkly pair and crystal style earrings. If you like to switch between studs and dangle earrings, this cute and colorful galaxy earring set is just what you need, with its aliens, rocketships and earth jewelry. You’ll never get bored when your browse your jewelry drawer when you grab a multi-pack, which is a more economical option than single pairs and lets you choose variety every time. You can even lend your best friend a pair if she shows up with bare ears and is oohing and aahing over your cute flair.