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Purple Passion

Feather Tickler
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Lace Paddle
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Lace Collar and Leash
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Purple Ostrich Tickler
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Neon Purple Fun Handcuffs

Wearing the same color every day is boring, and the same goes for the bedroom, so add some color to your naughty drawer with Spencer’s Purple Passion sex toy section! Purple is a sensual hue that can bring out your innermost desires, so we’ve selected our most alluring purple lingerie and intimate toys to help you keep the romance alive and sizzling. Your love life will blossom when you add shades of violet and lavender into the mix, from a purple butt plug to purple lingerie.

How much difference can a pop of color make when it comes to your sex life? A lot! Humans are visual creatures, and we all respond to what’s in front of us. Present your lover with some purple bondage rope, and whether you’re kink newbies or seasoned experts, they’re sure to be curious and want to try it out. Purple sex toys add some fun and daring to the bedroom; you may just find yourself saying yes to trying a new position or living out an erotic fantasy because these items are so enticing.

If purple is your favorite color (or your partner’s), you can go all out with our Purple Passion Bondage Kit, which contains everything from a feather tickler and furry cuffs to pasties and a love mask. It’s perfect to give you that post-sex glow! Or you can add just one item, like a purple satin and lace corset, to spice things up. Whether you’re in a new relationship, are part of a long-term couple or are experimenting sexually on your own, adding such a gorgeous color will have you thinking about sex in a new light.