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Horseshoes & Captives

Multi-Pack Captive Rings and Horseshoe Rings 2 Pair - 16 Gauge
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If you’re looking to stock up on horseshoes and captives for your body piercing, then look no further than Spencer Gifts. We offer silver horseshoes, along with many other colors, and captives in various gauge sizes so you can find the perfect one for your nipple, nose, lip, or eyebrow piercing. We have some in gold and silver shade as well as metallic and neon, so the color combinations are endless! If you’re tired of the same old banana ring, then these can make for a perfect circle belly ring or horseshoe belly ring. A captive ring is basically a captive circular barbell, so it can be used in multiple piercings. If you want something that has a little something extra on it, then you may like our Playboy captive ring perfect for a nipple piercing or even a horseshow ring featuring rainbow gems on it. No matter what type of piercing you have, you can update it with a brand new style by shopping our horseshoes and captives selection.