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Nipple Multi Packs

Colored CZ L Bend & Hoop Nose Ring 6 Pack - 20 Gauge
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Multi-Pack Stud Nose Rings and Hoop Nose Rings 6 Pack - 20 Gauge
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Who says that you should only have one style of nipple rings, why not have a variety of them? Here at Spencer’s, we have the same ideology which is why we have a large selection of Nipple Multi Packs to help you accessorize for any occasion! Go simple yet elegant with any of our standard colored nipple ring sets. Looking to make your chest shine? Grab one of our gem nipple ring sets and watch as they glisten and shimmer! If that still isn’t enough, then take it out of this world with any of our alien or rainbow colored sets. When you can’t settle for just one set of accessories, Spencer Gifts is here and ready to help fill up your jewelry box!