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If you want to make your legs look as sexy as possible, you’ll want a pair of fishnet stockings to show them off to their best advantage.

In case you're not sure what this fashion find is all about, let's clarify what we're talking about.

What are fishnet stockings?

Fishnet stockings are a form of hosiery featuring a diamond net pattern. The net can be very small or larger. Fishnets can also have patterns, though traditionally feature the netting alone. They come in thigh high and full coverage varieties.

Why do women like fishnet stockings?

Women enjoy wearing fishnet tights because they make any size legs look more attractive and shapely. The diamond net pattern helps elongate the leg and emphasize the elegance of the calf. Fishnets are a classic and simple way to make your legs look thinner.

They're also easy tights to wear. Since they're stretchy, you don't have to struggle to pull them up or shimmy into them. Ladies, you know what we're talking about!

Fishnets are versatile. They look wonderful under a short, medium or long skirt or dress. You can wear them in warm weather without feeling too hot. The holes in the netting make them breathable.

You can wear them to a club or on a date or even to the office if you pair them with a more conservative look.

For intimate evenings, fishnets are utterly sexy. Think fishnet thigh highs paired with your favorite lingerie such as a curve-hugging black bustier. The mesh pattern is intriguing and alluring to the eye. Your date can't help but stare at them as their gaze travels up your legs.

If you're into cosplay, you can rock fishnets with your favorite costumes. Think a character corset, sexy fishnets and your tallest heels.

Will fishnets rip?

To avoid rips, be careful when putting on your fishnet stockings. Take off your jewelry. If your nails are jagged, trim or file them. Sit down and put each foot into the hole. Then slowly bring the stocking up each. Make sure they are the correct size. A too small pair of fishnets is more likely to rip.

What kinds of shoes can you wear with fishnet stockings?

You can wear any type of shoe with fishnet tights. Many women prefer to wear closed toe shoes with them for a more polished look. They do this because open-toed shoes will have the fishnets and your toes peeking out. However, if you like your toes (hello, pedicure!) there's no reason to hide them.

What colors do fishnet stockings come in?

Most fishnet style stockings come in black, but we also carry white and red versions.

How long have fishnets been popular?

While fishnet tights have been noted since the early 20th century, they were made especially popular in the 1930's and 1940's by performer Gypsy Rose Lee and by models such as Bettie Page in the 1950's. They are a timeless classic fashion statement due to their mix of intrigue and racy allure.

How to wear fishnet stockings

There are no hard and fast fashion rules about when to wear fishnets. You can wear them any time you'd wear any type of hosiery. While they do have a slightly edgier, sexier image, you can even rock them at the office. Again, as long as the rest of your attire is appropriate, fishnets can add a little edge.

You can think of fishnets as an accessory you use to spruce up a monochrome dress. Think black dress, black fishnets, black heels. Or make it even more eye-catching with red fishnets.

You can, of course, rock thigh high fishnet stockings in the bedroom. Some are stay-ups and can be worn on their own. Others can be paired with a garter belt and garters. The choice is yours!

The mesh design of fishnet tights can go with any outfit. If you wear stockings every day, fishnets are a great way to mix up your look.

Where can I buy fishnets?

Spencer’s online shop has many varieties of fishnet pantyhose, from thigh highs to full coverage.

If you're looking for sexy tights that are sure to please, try our black bow top fishnet thigh high stockings.  They go with any dress or skirt, no matter how short. The bow is the perfect accent for a sensual, seductive look. Try large hole style fishnet stockings for some variety.

Add a double dose of hotness when you don black and red lace gartered thigh highs.

In addition to making your legs look shapely and intriguing, they go with any outfit to add the perfect finishing touch. Regardless of your height, you’ll appreciate the way a good fishnet can elongate your legs, making every step you take an opportunity to turn heads.

The great thing about them is that they not only add definition to your gams, they also offer an optical illusion. People checking you out can see your skin, but only part of it. This is part of the allure. All you have to do is work it. You can wear them to the office to jazz up a skirt suit or out for a night on the dance floor, where your legs will surely be the center of attention.

Can't get enough of the fishnet look? Check out our fishnet bodystockings, which offer the same appeal all over your body. They even come in crotchless versions for a surefire bedroom stunner.

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