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What better way to add instant sex appeal than with a pair of thigh highs? Spencer’s has all the styles and colors you could want to jazz up any outfit or simply add some spice to your bedroom attire. The beauty of these stockings is that you don’t need garters; just put them on and they will stay up all day, allowing you to go about your business while knowing you look incredibly hot. It’ll be your naughty little secret, unless you choose to reveal it with a slight lift of your dress and flirt a little. Hosiery gives you the option to let anyone you meet in on what lies beneath, or keep your leggy knowledge all to yourself. Whether you’re wearing a skirt long enough to cover the tops of your thigh highs, or going for a racier look by letting your hemline flirt with the tops, offering a glimpse of the edge of our popular black lace top fishnet stockings, is tasteful and stylish.

We know it can be difficult to pick the perfect pair of tights, so we're going to give you the run down on some of our favorite hosiery items. As we mentioned before: hosiery doesn't need to just be worn underneath your clothes. You can wear thigh high stockings in the bedroom, and show off your legs with a sexy accessory. Match sheer thigh highs with a sheer g-string, and your partner will go wild. Add a little lace, and turn up the heat.  Thigh high stockings can be the perfect addition to your lingerie collection, and provide you with a simple and quick way of showing off what you're working with. Here are some of our favorite thigh high styles:

Fishnet Thigh High Stockings

Fishnet stockings have been known to be sexy since the beginning. When you turn up the heat with a fishnet thigh high, you and your partner will both be turned on. The net detail of fishnet shows off just some skin while leaving just enough to the imagination. Fishnet thigh stockings, or net thigh highs, can be used in the bedroom, to enhance your Halloween costume sex appeal, or under a sexy dress.

Sheer Thigh High Stockings

Step into something sexy, but tasteful. A sheer thigh high is the perfect piece of hosiery for everyone! You can wear these stockings by day, and then show off what you're mama gave you at night! These thigh highs are versatile, and of course, sexy. Sheer material will give your lover a preview of what's underneath, making it nearly impossible to resist.

Opaque and Semi-Opaque Thigh High Stockings

For a little more coverage, we suggest opaque and semi-opaque thigh high tights. If you're wearing them in the bedroom, you can match them with a sexy panty, and watch as your lover trembles in suspense. You'll be showing just enough of your thigh, but they'll definitely be wanting more. These are perfect to wear with a garter or garter belt for a no-slip style. When you're ready to show the rest of your body, slip them slowly over your knee and off your feet. It's time to get sexy.

Back Seam Thigh High Stockings

Back seam thigh high tights have an added bit of sex appeal. Some thigh highs have back seams with rhinestones, or criss-cross detail that will add a fashionable touch to your look. These can be worn with a bodysuit to prepare for sexy time,  or as an addition to a stylish outfit. Nylons have never been so hot!

For women who find traditional pantyhose too cumbersome and restrictive, not wanting to roll them down multiple times a day, thigh highs are a perfect alternative. Spencer’s offers many options of thigh high stockings, so you can wear them as a special occasion dress up item or an everyday staple of your wardrobe. Thigh highs allow you to match any outfit you own, from goes-with-anything black flower lace stockings to adorable red and white striped candy cane bow thigh highs. Add texture with net thigh highs or sheer stockings with open-toed heels and see where the night takes you.  If you love to show off your legs but want to switch up your wardrobe, wear your thigh highs with short shorts and pumps for a bold fashion statement that will surely have strangers checking out your shapely bod. Spencer's carries plus size thigh highs, too, so every body type can feel sexy, show off their shapely figure, and of course, show a little extra leg!