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Low Cut Teddies

Pink Lace and Mesh Teddy
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Purple Lace Cheeky Teddy
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Long Sleeve Netted Teddy
Floral Lace Teddy - Red
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Floral Lace Teddy - Black
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Go for the glamour by making a low cut teddy a staple of your lingerie wardrobe! Spencer’s has plenty of options for you to choose from when you want your intimate attire to let your lover know you’re in the mood for something far more fun than sleeping. It turns out, there is something sexier than getting totally naked, and that’s putting on a daring, bold, provocative piece of lingerie that can only mean one thing.

Prepare to be ravished when you put on the Red Heart Back Lace Teddy, that’s sure to get your sweetie’s own heartrate pounding! After all, who could resist the deeply plunging neckline that reveals so much, leaving only the bare minimum covered?

If you’re curious about getting kinky and have dreamt of enjoying bondage play but haven’t known where to get started, let your sexy wardrobe do the talking when you put on the beautiful purple Geo Lace Teddy with Wrist Restraints. Slip into the teddy and ask for a little assistance with the cuffs; we’re pretty sure nobody in their right mind would turn down that offer!

Similarly, any of these revealing pieces can be a gateway to exploring your most cherished sexual fantasies, whether it’s roleplaying in the SWAT Sexy Cop Teddy Set or taking the first steps in anal sex exploration when you highlight your bottom in the stunning Heart Back Lace Teddy, available in black or white.

You’ll love what happens when you ditch your usual nighttime look for a daring low cut teddy that signals your desire front and center.