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What is a corset?

This curve-hugging, eye-catching lingerie is the perfect combination of flirty and sexy to lure any partner into the bedroom. Pair a lace-up corset with a sexy pair of panties, garters, and stockings, and you'll feel as confident as ever, from your gorgeous sweetheart neckline all the way down to the straps of your garters.

Different styles of corsets means that they come in plenty of different looks and styles. Common materials for corsets include:

  • Satin: This soft-to-the-touch material will give you a sleek and chic look that's perfect for any sexy lingerie style.
  • Leather: You don't have to be into bondage to appreciate the daringly sexy look of leather. Even faux leather looks extremely sexy when hugging your curves!
  • Cotton: Cotton is always a classic, and it will look and feel wonderful as it's wrapped around your waist.
  • Lace: If you want a look that says, "sweet, but oh so sexy," then lace corsets are the way to go.
  • Brocade: These rich fabrics offer a lot in the world of corsets. With gorgeous colors and lovely detail, this sexy little number is always a hit.
  • Mesh: A mesh corset will accentuate your waist in all the right ways. If you want a look that's dramatic and sexy, this mesh lingerie is perfect.

What can I wear with a sexy corset?

Unlike other clothing or lingerie, a corset actually curves your waist for the perfect hourglass figure. A sexy corset is the perfect piece of lingerie to mold and shape your body so it looks fantastic, whether you wear it on its own or as the underpinning of a gorgeous outfit. A lace-up style will make sure that the corset fits perfectly to your waist and body, which is why this style is so popular in lingerie. Corsets can fit every body, mood and look you desire, from delicate white front lacing to one with a daring black rhinestone lace. Want to show off how much you love your country? Our red, white and blue Americana corset and g-string will make your lover instantly patriotic.

If you’ve never worn a corset before, be prepared to find yourself wanting to run your hands up and down your body as you marvel at all the ways this shaping garment transforms your curves and makes you into a hot to trot femme fatale. You can save this sexy lingerie for special occasions, like making it part of your wedding night bridal lingerie, or incorporate black Victorian corset into your Gothic wardrobe. Or if you and your partner enjoy bondage play, then you can slip into a black leather (or faux leather) corset and pair it with a collar for a daringly sexy look.

Where can I buy corset lingerie?

You can match your corset with any skirt and a pair of thigh highs or stockings for an attention getting ensemble, or wear it all on its own when you’re looking to seduce your lover. Our black lace skirt corset dress offers you an all in one glamour as it clings, shapes and reveals. Whether you choose lace-up, faux leather or ruffle trim, all of Spencer’s lingerie corsets have one thing in common: they’ll give you instant sex appeal!

If you’re looking for a waist trainer to get that hourglass figure you crave, we offer that too. If you’re buying your lover a gift, you can’t go wrong with a corset you’ll enjoy helping them into. Whatever you select, you can be assured that your curves will be highlighted in ways you’ve always wanted them to be.