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G-Spot Dildos

If you’ve heard about the famed G spot but haven’t been sure how to find yours (or your lover’s), a G-spot dildo is the perfect sex toy to help you discover the many powerful and exciting sensations this area can provide, and Spencer’s carries many curved dildos designed to get you off.
What is the G spot? It’s a small area of about two to three inches on the upper wall of the inside of the vagina, named after Dr. Ernst Gräfenberg, who discovered it, that becomes ridged and can produce intense orgasms, including ejaculation, in many women. It can take a little while to appear, and often does so when a woman is already aroused; note that it’s not a universal experience, and some women may be extremely turned on but not experience extra pleasure when this area is stimulated.
Since it’s often difficult to locate, specialized sex toys can be used, in addition to manual penetration, to amplify the sensation. You can find it by inserting one or two fingers into your own or your lover’s vagina facing up, then curl them upward toward the belly button. This is the same process that a special G spot dildo or vibrator uses, as you’ll notice from their specialized shape, and they can sometimes be easier than finding the G spot with your own fingers because a partner can use a curved dildo to tease out the ridges and help a woman find the most pleasurable places inside her to stroke.
Spencers has a range of dildos that are designed specifically to stimulate the G spot, of varying lengths, colors and materials, from PVC to silicone to glass. You may want to insert the full length of the toy, or guide a few inches of it inside and slowly test out which areas of the vaginal walls feel the most pleasurable. Some women have reported that they’ve ejaculated due to G spot stimulation, so you may want to put a towel beneath you as a precaution.
Some G spot dildos can also be used for anal penetration, as long as you also use lube and make sure it has a flared base, a requirement for anal sex so the sex toy doesn’t get lost inside the anus.